Our introduction

Growing requirements on environment protection and production of food ,unharmfull to our health, push manufacturers towards increasing of production of industrial fertilizers , based on resources of natural biological raw materials.

bcc biomerc Ltd. Trnava, in cooperation with research foundation and International Labor, has developed new organic liquid fertilizer and organic-mineral liquid fertilizers on herbal basis for main crop varieties. Common base for all manufactured fertilizers is carrying medium – herbal extract.

Basis for creation of efficient ecologically clean growing resulator is biological character of active substrances in herbal extract and chemical transformations of its humokarbonatovy complex . A bio regulator, produced this way, is characterized by stimulating action on plants growth and evolution with positive impact on dimension and nutritive value of plant production.

Fertilizers in question contain substances, which on top of other positive effects decrease content of nitrates in vegetables , fruits and increase vitamins content.

Organic liquid fertilizer and organic-mineral liquid fertilizer manufactured on base of herbal extract is characterized by fungicidal and insectosid activity, which enables to bypass spray or decrease dose of fungicidal and insecticide preparations by low infectious pressure., which has positive effect on environment formation and protection.

Nowadays bcc biocomerc Ltd. Trnava produces following types of liquid fertilizers :

Company bcc biocomerc Ltd performs consultancy services, tests, analysis. Based on soil, crops, leafs analyses and according to need or your order and necessary nutrition, we will combine adequate fertilizers.

Company bcc biocomerc Ltd. performs and prepares projects for usage of farm animals excrements and sewage waste from biogas station, fermentation, suggests fabrication and liquidation of their waste.

N-P-K and microelements enrichment or if you like components delivery.