bi-omin 7 – dedicated for tomatoes

bi-omin 7 is ecological liquid organic fertilizer, made from herbs extract enriched with nitrogen (N), phosphor (P), kalium (K) and microelements.


bi-omin 7 is brown liquid, which within 1 l contains 50g (5%) of nitrogen, 60-80g (6-8%) of phosphor, 86-100g (8,6-10%) of kalium and microelements in hetalny form without chlorine.

N ........................ min.    5% 
P - (P2O5) ......... min.    6% - 8%  ........ pH 6,5 - 7 
K - (K2O) ........... min. 8,6% - 10%


Fe 0.019%, Mn 0.018%, Cu 0.008%, B 0.012%, Zn 0.007%, Co 0.0005% and Mo 0.0008%.


bi-omin 7 is special liquid fertilizer without chlorine, which contains nutrishing elements in easily accessible form and which is used for additional fertilizing of tomatoes. bi-omin 7 contains all necessary microelements, which are essential for regular growth, and tomatoes development. bi-omin 7 is used in concentration 1000 ml per 10l of water, or 0.1-0.2% per 1000l of water by leaf spraying. It is used from 8 to 10 days after appereance of first leaf indoors until fruits collection. Fertilization of tomtoes is done each week by tomatoes plant cultivation. First fertilizing is applied after first leaf appears and last one before transplantation. Fertilization is applied on 10th day after transplantation and further each 7-10 days during vegetation. Last fertilization is applied 5 days before last harvest.

Mixing possibilities

bi-omin 7 is possible to mix it with common preparations for plant protection. It is necessary to check mixing options with new chemical preparations in advance.

Work safety

It is necessary to keep basic safety precautions when applying bi-omin 7. Don´t drink, eat, smoke while using fertilizer.


Containers 10l, 20 l, 25 l, 1000 l barrels