Effects on soil and plants

Influence on soil

  • it stimulates growth of soil bacteria and beneficial microorganism
  • it improves overall soil structure especially by heavier argillaceous soils
  • it is used by activation of soils, neutralization of contaminated grounds and its revitalization
  • it enables transformation of chemical fertilizers in soil into forms, which are friendly and more feasible for plants
  • it increases utility of industrial fertilizers for plants, decreases their accumulating in soil and drifting into down streams.
  • It increases content of organic substances

Influence on plants

  • germinative energy and percentage of germinated plant increases
  • it supports actively plants nutrition and stimulates regeneration of plant cells
  • it positively effects against moldiness and foziness of grains and seeds
  • fertility and quality of production increase due to more intensive growth it increases intensity of plant cells respiration, which causes shortening of vegetation period, leaf area in case of flowers increases, flowers are bigger, their colors are more intensive and stems are more solid

We recommend to apply this product min. 2 years, in order to decimate weed within the range of 50-70% on arable soils, fields and gardens.

Potential risk substances

No risk substances limits, in line with Slovak and EU regulations , were exceeded in the product.


It is possible to demage health after swallowing or contact with skin and mucous membrane ! Keep away from the reach of children!


Store it in original intacted packing in dark place by temperature +5oC - +18oC in dry , hygienically clean and ventilated warehouses, separately from food , drinks, feeds, medicines, desinfectants and their packings.


PE bags, BIG bags