Organic liquid fertiliser

bi-omin new type of biological liquid fertilizer with balanced mixtured of macro and microelements and microorganism.

bi-omin is organic liquid fertilizer , manufacture on basis of herbs and partial prevention against insects and pathogenic fungi. It speeds up plants growth , it supports their immunity and protects against further spreading of illnesses.

bi-omin is vegetal extract (water solution) of nine different herbs. By their fermentation and after addition of active mineral substances we get very valueable liquid fertilizer with effective active influence on regeneration of natural soil fertility and quick crops growth at same time. Significant bi-omin substance ,on top of basic nutrients (N,P,K,Ca), are also microelements (magnesium, ferrum, manganese, zinc, copper), bacterial microorganisms as well as bioregulators. Except of that it contains also organic herbal acids, vitamins and substances of partial stamina of plants . Vitality of land, plants, seeds and fruits harvest, immunity against banes and illnesses increase and a need for pesticides usage decreases this way. On top of this storage time of products increases, as well as their saleability and at same time also returns from one unit of area. And that is not all !

bi-omin can be used also for revitalization of soils, neutralization of contaminated grounds and its revitalization. It eliminates evolution of unwanted insects and it depels rodents.

bi-omin organic liquid fertilizer contains: solids, mineral substances, organic substances, phosphor (P), kalium (K), organic nitrogen (N), ammonium (N); nitrate + nitrite (N), calcium (Ca), sodium (Na), magnesium (Ma), sulphate (Su).


bi-onat organics is ecologic organic liquid fertilizer made from molasses – sugar beet (Beta vulgaris) , CORNSTIP – corn extract, AMYSTEEP – corn amyl, herbs, its fermentation (bi-omin organic liquid fertilizer), enriched with microelements in hetalnej form in balanced rate.