Content and application


Organic nitrogen – overall nitrogen , phosphor as (P2O5), kalium as (K2O), proteins, amino nitrogen, amino acids , lactic acid, sugars – saccharose, vitamins content – (thiamin, riboflavin, nicotinic acid, pantothenic acid , biotin), microelements in hetalnej form – (Ca, Mg, Na, Fe, Mn, Zn, B,Cu,Co,Mo), content of cations and anions – (K,Cl,No3, PO4, SO4). pH 4-13


bi-onat organics is ment to be used for overall improvement of nutritive status of soils, by soils vivification , neutralization of contaminated grounds and its revitalization , by neutralization and stabilization of acid soils. Spraying or watering is recommended for arable land in big extent in autumn on harvest field after harvest (of wheat, barley, rape,sunflower, corn..), during soil preparation by spraying and we immediately defray it into soil by ground plowing or processing of soil with disc harrows, or in spring by preparation of soil for cultivation and by spring additional fertilization of winter seeds.
One time doses can be used during whole year in flow of vegetation by spraying on the leaf and it is diluted with water in rate 1:1 (depends on weather).