One fertilizer – more effects

Effect on plants

  • germinative energy and percentage of germinated plant increases
  • it supports actively plants nutrition and stimulates regeneration of plant cells
  • it positively effects against moldiness and foziness of grains and seeds
  • fertility and quality of production increase due to more intensive growth
  • it increases intensity of plant cells respiration , which causes shortening of vegetation period , leaf area in case of flowers increases, flowers are bigger, their colors are more intensive and stems are more solid

Effect on soil

  • it stimulates growth of soil bacterias and beneficial microorganism
  • it improves overall soil structure especially by heavier argillaceous soils
  • it enables transformation of phosphor and nitrogen in soil into forms, which are feasible for plants
  • it increases utility of industrial fertilizers for plants, decreases their accumulating in soil and drifting into down streams.
  • It increases content of organic substances
Liquid organical fertilizers – usage and recommended doses
FertilizerNutrients content in 1l of fertilizerCrops usageFertilizer doses
|||In l.ha-1Fertilizer doses dilution
bi-omin37 g, N 15g P, 40 g K, 15g CaO , 10g MgO , 19 mg Fe, 18 mg Mn, 12 mg B, 0.6 – 1.8 mg Cu, Zn, Co, Mo, pH 5.0 – 8.0 Overall nutrition improvement of field crops, vegetables, fruits, glasshouses and plastic greenhouses, orchards, decorative flowers, lawns and playgrounds, forestrymax. 501:5 For watering
1:3 For spraying
bi-onat organics22 g N, 14 g P, 30 g K, organic substances 70%, Microelements : Ca, Mg, Na, Fe, Mn, Zn, B, Cu, Co, Mo pH 4.0-13.0 By preparation of the soil, in autumn or spring , on stubble field, stabilization of acid soils , soil revitalization , soil vitalization max 401:3 For spraying


possible to mix with common preparations. It is necessary to check mixing with new chemical preparations in advance.

Work safety

it is necessary to keep basic safety precautions by application of these fertilizers. Don´t eat, drink , smoke while working with these fertilizers.


PE canisters 20 l, 25 l, 1000 l barrels