Product properties

bi-onat organics is grey, thick liquid with characteristic melasses aroma, typical for this product.

bi-onat organics should be applied during spring and autumn by spraying or watering on harvest-field, defray into soil in contact with sludge waste of animal production of agriculture cooperative – farms (porcine, bovine, chicken dirt), vegetal mass, compost, it folds out straw, speeds up creation of humus in the soil.

bi-onat organics , via high pH and saccharose content (sweetness) ,activates mould, which creates microbacteria , which produce humus in the soil, enables better germinative activity of seeds in the soil, by that supports supply of plant roots and plant is able to accept mobilized organic fertilizer (N-P-K and microelements), which is available in the soil in friendly forms for plant.

It is possible to use it in greenhouses, glass greenhouses of private homestead farmers, gardeners on small areas.


bi-omin – bi-onat organics

Leaf and soil liquid fertilizer containing bioactive natural substances necessary for nutrition of all agricultural crops.

Nutrition of plants gets more intensive by application on leaf, it supports growth of roots system and of whole plant, which causes reaching of better and superior quality of harvest. This fertilizer is made in cooperation with scientific-research basis, registered in Slovakia UKSUP Bratislava.